Animal Tissue Slide

Animal Cell, Squamous Epithelium, Cuboidal Epithelium, Columnar Epithelium, Nerve Cell Muscle: Cardiac, Striated, Unstraited, Smooth Muscle. Mammal: Kidney/ Heart/ Ovary/ Testis/ Skin/ Bone/ Artery/ Vein/Liver/ Spinal Cord/ Spleen/ Stomach/Pancreas/ Blood/ Hyaline Cartilage/Elastic Cartilage, Ascaris Male & Female, Bacteria, Paramecium, Non-Medullated & Medullated Nerve, Areolar Tissue, Adipose Tissue, Mosquito.

18 (Exc. GST)

eg. Yeast, Stomata etc.

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Shape Rectangular
Material Glass
Thickness 2-3 mm
Usage Laboratory purpose
No. of slides in a set 1