Burette with Rota stopcock 50ml
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BOD Bottle

The BOD Bottle is accompanied by a glass pennyhead stopper that can be easily replaced. The 330ml Bottle measures 7″ in height (6″ without the stopper) and has a diameter of 2.75″. It is autoclavable and exhibits strong chemical durability. Furthermore, it can withstand high temperatures and thermal shocks due to its low-temperature gradient. The socket size is 18/19.

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Q: What does BOD mean on a bottle?
A: BOD stands for Biochemical Oxygen Demand. It is a measure of the amount of dissolved oxygen required by aerobic biological organisms to break down organic material in a water sample. BOD is an important indicator of the organic pollution level in water bodies.

Q: What is a BOD bottle used for?
A: A BOD bottle is specifically designed for conducting Biochemical Oxygen Demand tests. These glass bottles are used to collect water samples for the purpose of measuring the amount of oxygen consumed by microorganisms when breaking down organic matter. BOD bottles are important tools for assessing the health of water bodies and determining the impact of organic pollutants.

Q: How to use a BOD bottle?
A: To use a BOD bottle, you would typically fill it with the water sample to be tested, add the necessary reagents, and then seal it to prevent the exchange of gases with the surrounding atmosphere. The sealed bottles are then incubated at a specific temperature for a set period, usually 5 days. After incubation, the amount of dissolved oxygen consumed by microorganisms is measured to determine the Biochemical Oxygen Demand of the water sample.