Botany Specimens (Common)

Botany Specimens of: Spirogyra, Sargassum, Funaria, Marchantia, Riccia, Agaricus, Red Rot of Sugarcane, Late Blight of Potato, White Rust of Crucifers, Citrus Canker, Fern (adiantum), Sunflower, Maize Plant, Wheat Plant, Opuntia, Cuscuta, Zizyphus, Acacia Arabica, Hydrilla, Eichhornia, Vallisneria, Lemna, Napiform Root, Fusiform Root, Conical Root, Fibrous Root, Lichen, Pinus Male Cone, Cycas Male Cone, Pinus Female Cone.

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Project Subject Biology
Brand Samtech
Colour Natural
Suitable For Study
Material Fiberglass
Packaging Type Plastic Jar
Country of Origin Made in India