leclanche cell substitute
Leclanche Cell Substitute Original price was: ₹900.Current price is: ₹550. (Exc. GST)
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Daniel Cell Substitute 1.08V

  • Lab Instruments, Daniel Cell Substitute | Electronic Daniel Cell – 1.08 Volt DC Regulated.
  • Input Voltage 200V AC to 240V AC Fuse 100mA.
  • Output Voltage is 1.08V DC Fixed With Regulated.
  • Power On/Off Switch With Indicator
  • This is easy to use at all Physics Electronics Lab scientific experiments & others.
SKU: SAM-353

Original price was: ₹900.Current price is: ₹550. (Exc. GST)

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The Daniel Cell is an electrochemical cell named after the English chemist and meteorologist John Frederic Daniell. It consists of a copper pot filled with a copper sulfate solution, which is immersed in an unglazed earthenware container filled with sulfuric acid and a zinc electrode. The Daniel Cell was widely used in the 19th century for telegraphy and other electrical purposes.

The Daniel Cell Substitute is a more affordable and user-friendly alternative to the conventional Daniel Cell.