Loading Rheostat 6.5KW Bank

Specifications of  JAYSEE – Resistive Load Bank

  • Single Phase Operation
  • Fourteen selectable load values on each bank
  • Suitable for balanced and unbalanced load Conditions
  • MCBs are used to provide protection at the same time
  • Provided with cooling fan for heat suppression
  • Designed by considering all the safety standards
  • Equipped with Supply Indication Lamps
  • Provide with trolley for flexible movement

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JAYSEE Single Phase Loading Resistive is a high-wattage resistance network suitable for loading Single Phase supplies and generators. The load banks are used to verify the performance of power sources. However actual loads are unpredictable and random in value hence standard loads are used to stimulate the environment for testing power sources. It is designed in a robust enclosure. It consists of 14 banks of switched resistive loads.

This bank can be used with Single Phase Systems. Each bank of resistors is electrically isolated and separate terminals for each phase are provided on the panel through a star/delta switch. The user can switch between star and delta very easily. MCBs are used to change the resistance of the load. The resistive load is equipped with a cooling fan to reduce the temperature. The load is mounted on a trolley to allow easy movement in laboratories.



Input Voltage 240V AC
Current 27A
Phase Single
Total Steps 14