tripod stand for chemistry lab
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Retort Stand

  • Our Retort Stand consists of High-quality rods and a base set made of corrosion-resistant steel and stainless steel rods.
  • Stable 7″ x 4″ base with 23.6″ tall, 12mm diameter rod.
  • The base has a tapped hole for the included rod, which is compatible with other rods with a 10mm x 1.5mm metric thread.
  • Suitable for science classrooms, home labs, and basic professional setups.


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In the chemistry lab, a retort stand is an indispensable piece of equipment used for a variety of experimental setups. It consists of a heavy, stable base, a vertical rod, and adjustable clamps or rings. The stand is commonly used to secure glassware such as beakers, flasks, and test tubes in place, especially during heating processes. This ensures the safety of the experiment and allows for hands-free manipulation of the apparatus. The flexibility of the retort stand also enables the arrangement of various setups, making it a versatile tool for conducting experiments in the chemistry lab.

Moreover, the retort stand’s ability to hold glassware at a desired height above the lab bench helps prevent accidental spillage and breakage. This is particularly important when conducting reactions or heating substances, as it minimizes the risk of exposure to potentially hazardous materials. Additionally, the adjustable clamps and rings allow for precise positioning of the glassware, ensuring that it remains stable and secure throughout the experiment. Overall, the retort stand is an essential component of the chemistry lab, contributing to both safety and the smooth execution of experiments.