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Physical Balance 250Gm
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Sodium Lamp Transformer 35W

  • Sodium Lamp Transformer 35W,Volt-440 with 3 pin socket
  • Sodium vapour lamps are also known as polarimeter lamps, used in physics lab
  • In this sodium lamp transformer, high-grade lamination is used to avoid losses
  • The box is made from a thick metallic sheet
  • 2 pin socket is provided

1,650 (Exc. GST)

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Connecting a Sodium Lamp transformer with a sodium vapour lamp to control the voltage and current supplied to the lamp to ensure proper operation and longevity. 

The transformer steps down the line voltage to the appropriate level for the lamp and also helps to regulate the lamp’s power usage, which can help to reduce energy consumption and prolong the lamp’s lifespan.

 A Sodium Lamp transformer can also isolate the lamp circuit from other electrical systems, which can help improve safety and reduce the risk of electrical interference.