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Solar Domestic Circuit Apparatus

Our Solar Domestic Circuit Apparatus includes:

  • Voltmeter, Ammeter, Solar Panel
  • Solar Fan, Led, Bell
  • Shows how domestic wiring is done
SKU: SAM-115

Original price was: ₹4,000.Current price is: ₹1,850. (Exc. GST)

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Introducing our Solar Domestic Circuit Apparatus, a comprehensive tool that demonstrates the utilization of solar energy for energy conservation and highlights the establishment of wiring connections in residential settings. This apparatus is powered by a low-voltage DC, ensuring safety and efficiency.

The apparatus features a detailed schematic diagram, clearly representing how solar energy can be harnessed and utilized within our homes. It showcases the wiring connections and emphasizes the importance of renewable energy sources.

All the necessary components, including fuses, indicators, on/off switches, a fan, a bell, and a lamp, are thoughtfully mounted on a durable bakelite sheet. This arrangement allows for easy identification and understanding of each component’s role in a solar domestic circuit.

A knife switch is included to facilitate the changeover between solar panel voltage and DC battery voltage. This feature enables seamless transition and experimentation with different power sources, enhancing the practical learning experience.

Our Solar Domestic Circuit Apparatus serves as an invaluable educational tool, empowering students and enthusiasts to grasp the concepts of solar energy utilization and electrical wiring in a residential context. With its comprehensive layout and robust construction, it offers a hands-on experience that promotes a deeper understanding of renewable energy systems and their practical applications.

Explore the potential of solar energy and electrical connections in homes with our Solar Domestic Circuit Apparatus. Unlock the knowledge of energy conservation, circuitry, and renewable energy sources, all presented in a comprehensive and user-friendly design.