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Windmill Model Kit

  • Converts wind energy into mechanical or electrical energy
  • Demonstrates electricity generation through wind power
  • Uses a small generator and coil in a magnet for electricity production
  • LED indicator lights up when electricity is generated
SKU: SAM-151

Original price was: ₹1,000.Current price is: ₹450. (Exc. GST)

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The Windmill Model is a kit that demonstrates electric energy generation through wind power. By harnessing the wind’s kinetic energy, the model showcases how electricity can be produced using a wind turbine or a windmill.


  • Wind Energy Conversion: The model highlights the process of converting wind energy into mechanical or electrical energy, utilizing wind turbines or windmills for power generation.
  • Electricity Generation: With the help of a small generator, the kit demonstrates how moving a coil in a magnet produces electricity when the generator blade is struck by air.
  • LED Indicator: When electricity is generated, a connected LED lights up, visually representing the electrical output.
  • Voltmeter Measurement: The kit includes a voltmeter that indicates the amount of current being produced by the generator, allowing users to measure and monitor the electrical output.
  • Educational Demonstration: The Windmill Model is an educational tool that helps students understand the concept of wind power and its application in electricity generation.
  • Hands-On Learning: By assembling and operating the kit, students actively engage in hands-on learning, gaining insights into renewable energy and electrical generation principles.
  • Interactive Experience: The model offers an interactive experience as students observe the direct correlation between wind speed, generator rotation, and electricity production.

The Windmill Model provides a practical and engaging way for students to explore generating electric energy using wind power. It enhances their understanding of renewable energy sources and promotes an interest in sustainable technologies.