Compound Microscope

This Compound Microscope includes:

  • 10x wide-field and 15x eyepieces
  • 10x and 45x brass objectives
  • Magnification range of 100x to 675x with 4 settings
  • Fixed stage measuring 110mm x 110mm

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A Compound microscope is an optical instrument used to observe objects too small to be seen by the naked eye. It works by magnifying the image of the object through lenses or a combination of lenses and mirrors. Microscopes have been used for centuries in various fields, such as biology, medicine, physics, and chemistry, to name a few. They have played an important role in helping scientists and researchers understand the world around us.

As a manufacturer of Compound microscopes, we understand the importance of producing high-quality and reliable instruments that meet the needs of our customers in various industries. Our microscopes are designed to provide clear and accurate images, with high magnification capabilities that allow for detailed observation of even the smallest objects. We use the latest technology and materials to ensure that our microscopes are durable, easy to use, and provide consistent results.

One of the most common types of microscopes is the compound microscope, which uses two or more lenses to magnify objects. The lenses are positioned at opposite ends of a hollow tube, and the object is placed between them. The lens closest to the object is called the objective lens, and the lens closest to the eye is called the eyepiece or ocular lens. When light passes through the objective lens and is focused onto the object, it creates a magnified image that is further magnified by the eyepiece lens.

At our manufacturing facility, we take great pride in the quality of our microscopes and are committed to providing our customers with the best possible product and service. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and requirements, and we use this knowledge to design and develop microscopes that meet their specific needs. Whether you are a researcher, scientist, or medical professional, our microscopes are designed to provide you with the tools you need to succeed in your work.



Quality Routine (In Thermocol Box) , Superior (In Wooden Box) , ISI Marked (In Wooden Box)