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Compound microscope
Compound Microscope Original price was: ₹5,000.Current price is: ₹2,500. (Exc. GST)

Digital Vernier Caliper

  • Our Digital Vernier caliper has a large LCD screen which is easy to use and read even under strong sunlight. 
  • Measurement range: 0 – 6″/ 0 – 150mm; Resolution: 0.01″/ 0.1mm; Accuracy: ±0.2mm/0.01″.
  • Our Digital Vernier caliper can measure inside and outside diameter, depth and step with 2 sets of jaws and a probe.
  • The Inch/mm modes can be switched easily.

1,200 (Exc. GST)

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The least count of a Vernier caliper is the smallest measurement that can be read or measured using the caliper. It helps us make more precise measurements.

Imagine you have a Digital Vernier Caliper in your hand. It has a main scale and a smaller scale called the Vernier scale. The main scale has larger divisions, like centimetres or inches, while the Vernier scale has smaller divisions, like millimeters or fractions of an inch.

To find the least count, we look at how the divisions on the Vernier scale line up with the divisions on the main scale. Let’s say one division on the Vernier scale aligns perfectly with a division on the main scale. In this case, the least count is the value of one division on the Vernier scale, like 0.1 millimetres.

So, if we want to measure something using the Vernier caliper, we can read the main scale and then check the Vernier scale to see how many divisions line up. By adding the value of those divisions to the main scale reading, we can get a more accurate measurement.

For example, if the main scale reading is 2 centimeters and three divisions on the Vernier scale align with the main scale, the measurement would be 2 centimeters plus 0.3 millimeter (since each Vernier division is 0.1 millimeter), giving us a total measurement of 2.3 centimeters.

The least count of a Digital Vernier caliper helps us measure things more precisely by considering those smaller divisions on the Vernier scale.