Concave Mirror

  • Diameter: 50mm | 70mm
  • Concave mirror
  • The focal length of 10 to 30cm
  • Silvered back with a protective coating

3260 (Exc. GST)

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A concave mirror is a type of mirror that bends inward, allowing it to reflect light inwards and directing it towards a focal point. This type of mirror can be used to create magnified or reduced images and is commonly used in telescopes, cameras, and even car headlights.

When you look at a concave mirror, objects can appear closer or more significant than they actually are, depending on how far away they are. It's important to note that not all mirrors are the same and that concave mirrors are unique in their ability to focus light rays to create an image.

A fun experiment you can do at home is to shine a flashlight onto a concave mirror and see how the light is reflected inward, creating a bright spot in the centre. 



Diameter 50mm , 75mm
Focal Length 10 to 30 cm