Convex Mirror

  • 50mm | 75mm Diameter
  • Convex mirror
  • The focal length is 10 -30cm
  • Silvered back with a protective coating

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A convex mirror is a characteristic mirror featuring an outwardly curved reflective surface. It is commonly known as a fish-eye mirror owing to its exceptional capacity for providing an expansive and all-encompassing view of its surroundings.

Convex mirrors find widespread application in a variety of settings, ranging from automobiles and retail store ceilings to industrial facilities. A key advantage of their placement is the perceptible enhancement in visibility, particularly in blind spots or high-density pedestrian areas.

Moreover, the convex mirror's peculiar shape makes it an attractive option for ornamental purposes, enhancing visual appeal while enabling efficient surveillance. Consequently, the convex mirror serves as a versatile and indispensable implement that presents a range of benefits across multiple contexts and applications.



Diameter 50mm , 75mm
Focal length 10 to 30cm