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Hooke’s Law Apparatus

  • Hooke’s Law Apparatus shows how the extension of a spring changes with the applied load.
  • The apparatus consists of a 150mm scale on a movable stand and base.
  • It includes a combined mass hanger/pointer connected to the spring for easy measurement.
  • The spring extension is directly proportional to the load applied, following Hooke’s Law.
  • The apparatus is of high quality and designed for accurate measurements.

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For Hooke’s Law Apparatus demonstration, the elongation produced in spring within elastic limits is proportional to the load applied. Also helpful in investigating potential energy and investigating masses. Comprises a metal rod carrying vertically a polished stainless steel scale 0 to 15cm, with provision for its height adjustment.

An integrated mass hanger/pointer is connected to the lower end of the spring with the eye-shaped upper end for suspension through an adjustable collar with a crossbar positioned above the scale. Complete apparatus mounted on a stable base. Hooke’s Law Apparatus, SS Scale fixed on the plastic back, etched scale.