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Potentiometer Apparatus

  • Potentiometer Apparatus with Pencil JOCKEY.
  • Dimensions: (L)1130 mm x (W)80 mm x (D)50 mm
  • 1 wire | 2wire | 4 Wire | 10 Wire Option

720 (Exc. GST)

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This device called a Potentiometer Apparatus, features a constant wire stretched along a meter scale divided into centimetres and millimetres. The wire is clamped to sturdy brass end plates and has heavy-duty 4 mm socket terminals. It is mounted on a polished hardwood baseboard and comes with a jockey. The dimensions of the device are approximately 1 Meter. This product offers a variety of options, including 1 wire, 2 wire, 4 wire, and 10 wire.
To use a potentiometer 2 wire with a pencil jockey, you simply need to connect the two wires to the corresponding pins on the potentiometer. The pencil jockey can then be used to adjust the resistance of the potentiometer, which can be useful in a variety of applications. Just be sure to handle the pencil jockey carefully to avoid damaging the delicate components inside. With a little practice, you can make precise adjustments to your potentiometer and get the results you need.