Tangent Galvanometer

  • Tangent Galvanometer measures an electric current by determining the direction and magnitude of the horizontal components of the Earth’s magnetic field.
  • Students can place the compass with the needle parallel to the coil, pass a current through, and measure the deflection angle.
  • Features a non-magnetic rotating tripod base and a removable 5″ compass with 1-degree graduations.
  • Approximately 9″ tall, 6″ wide, and 6″ long.
  • Great for educational use. Based on the principle of the Tangent Law of Magnetism.

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The Tangent Galvanometer is a fascinating device used to measure electric currents for many years. Its unique design lets it detect the direction and strength of the Earth’s magnetic field’s horizontal components, making it a handy tool for students and researchers. When using the device, students can place the compass with the needle parallel to the coil, pass an electric current through, and measure the deflection angle. This simple process provides accurate measurements that can be used in various experiments and studies.

One of the most impressive features of the Tangent Galvanometer is its non-magnetic rotating tripod base. This base ensures the device remains stable and accurate during use, providing reliable results. Additionally, the removable 5″ compass features 1-degree graduations, allowing for precise measurements and easy reading of results. The device is approximately 9″ tall, 6″ wide, and 6″ long, making it an ideal size for educational purposes.

Overall, the Tangent Galvanometer is an excellent device that has proven incredibly useful for many applications. Its design is based on the Tangent Law of Magnetism, which provides a solid foundation for accurate measurements and reliable results. Whether you are a student, researcher, or just someone interested in the fascinating world of electricity and magnetism, the Tangent Galvanometer is worth exploring.