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Boyle’s Law Apparatus

Specifications of Boyle’s Law Apparatus

  • Mounted on a wooden stand with a heavy metal base and levelling screws.
  • Height 120 cm wooden scale 100 cm graduated in mm reading in both directions.
  • The mercury reservoir is held in a clamp, sliding on a metal rod.
  • Supplied with rubber tubing and a set of glass tubes.


1,450 (Exc. GST)

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Boyle's Law Apparatus is a scientific device used to investigate the relationship between the pressure and volume of a gas in a closed container. This apparatus plays a key role in studying thermodynamics and gas laws and is often used in scientific demonstrations and experiments.

The device consists of a glass tube filled with a gas such as air, and it is connected to a sealed piston that can be moved up and down in the tube. To test the relationship between pressure and volume, the piston is moved to increase or decrease the volume of the gas, and the pressure within the container is measured using a pressure gauge.

The relationship between pressure and volume can then be plotted on a graph and analyzed to determine how changes in pressure and volume affect the behaviour of gases.

Overall, the Boyle's Law Apparatus is an essential tool for scientists and students in the exploration of the properties of gases.