Sonometer Apparatus

A Sonometer Apparatus is a scientific instrument used to study sound waves’ properties. It consists of a long, stretched string or wire attached to two fixed points. When the line is plucked or bowed, it vibrates and produces sound waves. The frequency of the sound waves depends on the string’s length, tension, and mass.


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The sonometer apparatus is used to measure the following properties of sound waves:

  • Frequency: The number of vibrations per second.
  • Wavelength: The distance between two consecutive points of maximum vibration.
  • Amplitude: The maximum displacement of the string from its equilibrium position.
  • Speed: The distance traveled by a sound wave in a given amount of time.

The sonometer apparatus is also used to study the relationship between the properties of sound waves and the properties of the medium through which they travel. For example, the speed of sound waves is different in different media, such as air, water, and steel.

The sonometer apparatus is a versatile instrument that can be used to study a wide variety of sound wave phenomena. It is used in physics, engineering, and music to study the properties of sound waves, the design of musical instruments, and the transmission of sound waves through different media.

Here are the main components of a sonometer apparatus:

  • A long, stretched string or wire
  • Two fixed points to which the string is attached
  • A weight hanger that can be used to change the tension of the string
  • A meter scale to measure the length of the string
  • Two adjustable wooden bridges that can be used to change the length of the vibrating portion of the string
  • A tuning fork or other source of sound waves
  • A paper rider that can be used to detect the resonant frequencies of the string

The sonometer apparatus is a valuable tool for studying the properties of sound waves. It is used in a variety of fields, including physics, engineering, and music.



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