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Induced Current Apparatus

The Induced current apparatus consists of two LEDs, one copper coil, and one magnet. When the magnet is inserted from the north pole, one LED glows, and when inserted from the south pole, the other LED glows. This apparatus is designed to explain induced current to school students.

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Imagine you have a toy car that needs a battery to work. When you put the battery into the car, it makes the car move. The battery has energy inside it, and it gives that energy to the car. This is kind of like how electricity works.

Electricity is a type of energy that travels through wires. It powers things like lights, computers, and televisions. But sometimes, electricity can be created without any batteries or wires. This is called “induced current”.

Induced current happens when a magnet moves near a wire. A magnet is something that attracts certain kinds of metal. Sometimes, when a magnet moves near a wire, it can create electricity in the wire. This is because the magnet makes the electrons in the wire move around. Electrons are tiny particles inside the wire that carry electricity.

So, when a magnet moves near a wire, it makes the electrons in the wire move too. This movement creates electricity. This is what we call induced current.

Induced current is used in many things, like generators and motors. Generators are machines that create electricity, so they use induced currents to make power. Motors are machines that use electricity to move, so they also use induced currents. Our Induced Current Apparatus helps is understand this phenomenon.