Resistance Box 10000 Ohms

  • Jaysee 0 to 10000 Ohms Resistance Box
  • Precision quality construction with a 12mm/10mm (approx. 1/2 inch) thick rectangular brass block
  • Non-inductive resistance coils made of double-covered Eureka on Constantan wire or Constantan wire.
  • Coils are wound on a Bakelite spool and enclosed in a wooden box.

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The Jaysee Resistance Box 10000 ohms features precision quality construction to ensure accurate and reliable resistance measurements. Here are some additional details about its design and accuracy:

  • Construction: The resistance box is built with a rectangular brass block measuring approximately 12mm/10mm (around 1/2 inch) in thickness. This solid brass block provides stability and durability to the resistance coils. Depending on the specific coil, the resistance coils are wound with non-inductive, double-covered Eureka on Constantan or Constantan wire. The coils are carefully wound on a bakelite spool, which is then enclosed in a wooden box.
  • Accuracy of Constantan Coil: The Constantan coil in the resistance box offers a high level of accuracy, ranging from ±0.05% to ±0.1%. This means that the measured resistance values from the Constantan coil can deviate by only a small percentage from the true values. This level of accuracy ensures precise and reliable results for various applications.
  • Accuracy of Manganin Coil: The Manganin coil in the resistance box provides even higher accuracy, ranging from ±0.02% to ±0.05%. The Manganin wire’s low-temperature coefficient of resistance and the precise winding process contribute to this exceptional level of accuracy. The Manganin coil is designed to deliver extremely precise resistance measurements, making it suitable for demanding experiments and applications.

The combination of high-quality materials, precise winding, and stringent accuracy specifications make the Jaysee 1000 ohms Resistance Box a dependable tool for precise resistance measurements. Whether used in research, engineering, or educational environments, this resistance box offers the accuracy needed to ensure reliable data and precise analysis.



Coil Manganin Coil , Constantan Coil
Ohms 10000 Ω