Reversing Key |Commutator

  • Designed for circuits requiring rapid polarity change
  • Features a rotatable beam made of insulating plastic
  • Equipped with two brushes connected to 4mm terminals
  • Polarity is reversed when the beam is rotated
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The Jaysee Reversing Key or  Commutator is designed for circuits that require a quick and easy change in polarity. It features a rotatable beam made of insulating plastic, equipped with two brushes connected to 4mm terminals. The brushes and contact strips are strategically arranged on the beam and base, allowing polarity reversal when the beam is rotated. The brushes are made of laminated phosphor bronze, ensuring reliable and consistent contact between the key and the circuit.

Key Features:

  • Rapid and convenient changeover of polarity in circuits
  • Rotatable beam made of insulating plastic material
  • Two brushes connected to 4mm terminals for easy connection
  • Reliable contact strips made of laminated phosphor bronze
  • Ensures stable and efficient electrical connections
  • Durable construction for long-lasting performance
  • Suitable for a variety of circuit applications
  • Brand: Jaysee, known for quality and reliability in laboratory equipment

The Jaysee Reversing Key is a versatile tool that reverses polarity in circuits, allowing for efficient experimentation and analysis. Its durable construction and reliable contact ensure consistent performance in various circuit applications. Whether in educational settings or research laboratories, this reversing key is valuable to any circuit setup.