Tapping Key

  • Reliable and durable tapping key designed for physics lab experiments
  • Enables precise control over the transmission of electrical signals
  • Consists of a lever or button for making and breaking electrical circuits
  • Used to produce Morse code signals with dots and dashes
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A tapping key, also known as a Morse key or telegraph key, is an electrical switch used in physics laboratories and telegraphy to control the transmission of electrical signals. It consists of a lever or button that is pressed to make or break an electrical circuit, enabling the operator to produce a series of short or long signals known as dots and dashes.

In physics labs, the tapping key is commonly used in electromagnetic waves, circuits, and communication systems experiments. It allows students and researchers to manually control the flow of electrical current and study concepts such as telegraphy, signal encoding, and transmission.

The Jaysee Tapping Key is a reliable and durable device designed to provide precise and responsive control over electrical signals. Its sturdy construction and smooth operation offer a convenient tool for conducting physics experiments and exploring the principles of electrical communication.