Turbojet Engine Model
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Test Tube Holder with wooden handle
Test Tube Holder Original price was: ₹50.Current price is: ₹15. (Exc. GST)

Test Tube Stand

  • The stand is blue and made of autoclavable polypropylene.
  • It has 6 places for test tubes, 2 holes for 25-mm diameter tubes and 4 holes for 16-mm diameter tubes.
  • Additionally, it has six vertical pins for drying tubes and is supported by 2 columns.

Original price was: ₹100.Current price is: ₹30. (Exc. GST)

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A test tube stand is a laboratory apparatus used to hold multiple test tubes upright during scientific experiments or when they are not in use. It is typically made of plastic or metal and consists of several holes or slots where the test tubes can be inserted securely. Test tube stands come in various sizes to accommodate different numbers of test tubes, and they are designed to keep the test tubes organized and prevent them from rolling or tipping over. This is especially important when working with multiple samples or conducting reactions in the test tubes, as stability and organization are essential for accurate and safe experimentation.

In addition to holding test tubes, some test tube stands also feature additional compartments or attachments for holding other lab equipment such as pipettes, microcentrifuge tubes, or small bottles. This versatility makes them valuable tools for researchers and lab technicians who need to keep various items within easy reach during their work. Furthermore, some test tube stands are designed to be stackable, which is convenient for storage when space is limited in the laboratory.

Overall, test tube stands are indispensable assets in laboratories, educational institutions, and research facilities, providing a simple yet essential solution for organizing and working with test tubes and other small lab items.