Resistance in series and parallel apparatus
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Test Tube Stand
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Turbojet Engine Model

This is a Cut section model of the Turbojet Engine Model or Gas Turbine Model. This model showcases the internal components of the turbojet engine, allowing for a detailed examination and understanding of its operations.

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A turbojet is a special kind of engine that helps make airplanes fly. It works by taking in air at the front of the engine, compressing it, adding fuel to it, and then setting it on fire. The hot air then shoots out the back of the engine, pushing the plane forward. The turbojet has different parts that help make it work, including a compressor, a combustion chamber where the fuel is burned, and a turbine that helps drive the compressor. This whole process helps produce a powerful stream of hot air that propels the airplane forward.

In the 1930s, two smart engineers, Frank Whittle in the United Kingdom and Hans von Ohain in Germany, separately came up with the idea and made it work in real engines. This was a big deal because it made airplanes much faster and more efficient. The turbojet engines played a significant role in the development of airplane technology and changed the way we travel around the world.

So, in simple terms, a turbojet is like a big air-sucking machine that takes in air, adds fuel, sets it on fire, and then shoots it out the back to push the airplane forward. It’s kind of like a super-powerful fan that helps make airplanes go really fast. Without turbojet engines, airplanes wouldn’t be able to fly as fast and as far as they do today.

Our Cut-section model of Turbo Jet Engine is widely used in Automobile Labs for demonstration purposes.