Two Stroke Petrol Engine Model

  • Petrol Engine Model Consists of Moving Parts: Crankshaft, piston, throttle valve, float, crank.
  • Ignition light can be activated by using 2 AA Batteries, Light illuminates on the compression stroke (Batteries not included)
  • Turn the hand crank on this model, and you will see all the functioning stages of a 2 stroke air-cooled gasoline motor.
  • Made of cast alloys and abs plastic, built for years of demonstrations

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A Two Stroke Petrol Engine Model is an internal combustion engine commonly used in small vehicles such as motorcycles, mopeds, and chainsaws. It is called a two-stroke engine because it completes one cycle in two strokes of the piston instead of four strokes like in a four-stroke engine.

The two-stroke engine is known for its simplicity, light weight, and high power-to-weight ratio. It comprises three main parts: the crankcase, the cylinder, and head. The crankcase and cylinder are usually made of aluminum, which makes them lightweight and easy to manufacture.

The operation of a two-stroke petrol engine model is divided into two parts: the compression stroke and the power stroke. During the compression stroke, the piston moves upwards, compressing the air-fuel mixture drawn into the cylinder. Then, a spark plug ignites the mixture, causing an explosion that drives the piston downwards, rotating the crankshaft.