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Two Stroke Diesel Engine Model

  • The Two Stroke Diesel Engine Model is a great tool for Mechanical labs, specifically designed to demonstrate the workings of a Diesel Engine.
  • This model is an excellent addition to any lab that teaches about engines and their components.
  • It is a hands-on approach to learning about the functions and inner workings of a diesel engine.

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A Two Stroke Diesel Engine is a simpler version of the four-stroke engine, working in just two strokes. Despite its mechanical simplicity, it has the potential to produce twice as much power as a four-stroke engine of the same size.

This model is designed to demonstrate the internal structure and operating principles of an air-cooled two-stroke diesel engine. It is made with aluminium alloy and gunmetal, with ignition shown by means of a miniature bulb and a fuel supply sectioned. A hand crank is provided for manual operation.

The engine is mounted on a base, with a placard labelled with diagrams explaining how the engine works. The model is useful for understanding how, in a two-stroke engine, the four “cycles” of internal combustion engine theory (intake, compression, ignition, exhaust) occur in just one revolution (360 mechanical degrees), whereas in a four-stroke engine, they occur in two complete revolutions. In a two-stroke engine, more than one function occurs at any given time during the engine’s operation.

Samtech Instruments – Two stroke Diesel Engine Model is widely used in Mechanical labs.

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