Digital Panel Meter
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Conversion of Galvanometer into Ammeter
Conversion of Galvanometer into Ammeter Original price was: ₹3,000.Current price is: ₹1,450. (Exc. GST)


Salient Features of the DC Moving Coil Galvanometer

  • Specially designed for easy use in educational institutions and laboratories
  • Meters are inclined to be easy to read and are mounted on ABS plastic stands with brass terminals.
  • Multiple Ranges of Galvanometers Available – 30-0-30, 50-0-50 etc.
  • Clear and well-defined dial markings with knife edge pointer

Original price was: ₹250.Current price is: ₹135. (Exc. GST)

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Galvanometer diagram

Galvanometers are instruments that measure the electrical potential difference between two points in an electric circuit. The word “galvanometer” comes from the Italian scientist Luigi Galvani, who discovered the principle of bioelectricity in the 18th century.

The earliest galvanometers were simple compasses that were used to detect the presence of an electric current. Over time, these devices became more sophisticated, incorporating coils of wire that could detect very small changes in the electrical current.

In the 19th century, the invention of the tangent galvanometer by William Thomson (later known as Lord Kelvin) revolutionized the field of electricity. This device used a magnet and a coil of wire to measure the strength and direction of an electric current. It was used to develop the first accurate measurements of electrical resistance and to study the behaviour of electric currents in different materials.

Today, galvanometers are used in a wide range of scientific and industrial applications, from measuring the electrical activity of the brain to detecting the presence of magnetic fields. They are also used in a variety of medical devices, such as electrocardiograms (ECGs) and electroencephalograms (EEGs).

The significance of these in modern science cannot be overstated. They have enabled scientists to make accurate measurements of electrical and magnetic fields, paving the way for advances in fields such as physics, chemistry, and engineering. They have also played a crucial role in developing new technologies that have transformed the way we live and work.



Accuracy +/- 2 F.S.D
Scale length 80mm
Packaging Thermocol Box