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PN Junction Diode Apparatus – 2 Meter

  • Regulated Power Supply of 3V 10mA and 30V 100uA
  • DC voltmeter of 3V / 30V
  • DC ammeter of 10mA / 100uA
  • Manual and Patch Cords Included

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What is P-N Junction?

A PN junction diode is a semiconductor device made by joining together two types of semiconductors, typically n-type and p-type. The p-type semiconductor contains holes (or positive charges) while the n-type semiconductor contains free electrons (or negative charges). When the two types of semiconductors are joined together, the free electrons from the n-type semiconductor move across the junction and fill the holes in the p-type semiconductor. This results in a depletion region near the junction, where there are no free charges.

Biasing Conditions for the PN Junction Diode

When a voltage is applied across the PN junction diode in the forward bias direction (i.e., the positive voltage is applied to the p-type side and negative voltage to the n-type side), the depletion region becomes narrower, allowing the current to flow through the diode. However, when the diode is reverse biased (i.e., positive voltage is applied to the n-type side and negative voltage to the p-type side), the depletion region widens, and no current can flow through the diode.

Specification of our PN Junction Diode Apparatus

  • Variable DC regulated power supply of 0-3V/10mA and 0-30V/100uA: This power supply can be used to provide the forward or reverse bias voltage to the diode, and the current flowing through the diode can be measured using the built-in ammeter.

  • Silicon and Germanium diodes: The apparatus is compatible with both types of diodes, which have slightly different IV characteristics.

  • DC voltmeter of 1V / 30V: This voltmeter can be used to measure the voltage across the diode.

  • DC ammeter of 10mA / 100uA: This ammeter can be used to measure the current flowing through the diode.

Benefits of this PN Junction Diode Apparatus

With this apparatus, students can perform experiments to understand the PN junction diode's IV characteristics, such as its forward and reverse bias voltage and current, and how they relate to the diode's resistance and capacitance. It is an essential tool for any student or researcher studying semiconductor physics or electronics.