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Solar Cell Characteristics Apparatus

  • Solar panel with 5V output and 500mA current
  • Analyze voltage-current (V-I) characteristics, power output, and efficiency.
  • Equipped with a resistive load for simulating real-world conditions
SKU: SAM-237

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The Samtech Solar Cell Characteristics Apparatus is a comprehensive Apparatus designed to study and analyze the characteristics of solar cells. With its advanced features and precise measurements, this apparatus is essential for research, education, and practical applications in the field of solar energy.

Key Specifications:

– Includes a voltmeter for accurate voltage measurements
– Solar panel with a voltage output of 5V and a current output of 500mA
– Equipped with a resistive load for simulating real-world conditions


1. Solar Cell Analysis: The apparatus allows you to investigate and understand the behaviour of solar cells under different conditions. You can analyze their voltage-current (V-I) characteristics, power output, and efficiency.

2. Accurate Measurements: The voltmeter provides precise voltage readings, ensuring accurate data collection during experiments and analysis.

3. Solar Panel Performance: The included solar panel generates a stable 5V output with a current of 500mA. This ensures a consistent and reliable power supply for your experiments.

4. Resistive Load Simulation: The resistive load allows you to simulate real-world conditions and study the performance of solar cells under various loads. This helps in evaluating their efficiency and performance in practical applications.

5. Versatile and Educational: The apparatus suits educational institutions, research laboratories, and solar energy enthusiasts. It provides a hands-on learning experience, enabling students and researchers to explore the principles and characteristics of solar cells.

6. Easy to Use: The apparatus is user-friendly, with clear instructions and intuitive controls. It allows for quick and convenient setup, ensuring smooth experimentation and analysis.

Unlock the potential of solar energy with the Solar Cell Characteristics Apparatus. Gain valuable insights into solar cell behaviour, performance, and efficiency. Order now and empower your solar energy studies and research!