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Portable Wheatstone Bridge

The Portable Wheatstone Bridge Apparatus is a device used in electrical engineering to measure resistance. It consists of a circuit with four resistive arms, two of which contain the unknown resistance being measured. The device can be calibrated for precision and is designed for portability. It can measure resistances ranging from a few ohms to several megohms, making it a useful tool for fieldwork and diagnosing electrical problems.


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A Wheatstone bridge is an electrical circuit used to measure an unknown electrical resistance by balancing two legs of a bridge circuit, one leg of which includes the unknown component. It adopts the Murray or overlay loop circuit for testing purposes.

Key Specifications:

  • Resistance Range: 0.01 ohms to 11.11 mega ohms
  • Constant Coil Accuracy: +1%
  • Manganin Coil Accuracy: +0.2%
  • Portable Design: Equipped with a built-in sensitive Galvanometer and a dry battery
  • Series Arm: Consists of 4 decades of 10×1, 10×10, 10×100, and 10×1000 ohms
  • Range Multipliers: A single rotary switch offers 7 range multipliers: X1000, X100, X10, X1, X0.1, X0.01, and X0.001
  • Battery: Built-in dry battery of 4.5 volts with an option to use an external battery for measuring high resistances
  • Galvanometer: Utilizes a Galvanometer model MO 65 with a sensitivity of 10 microamperes/division
  • Push Buttons: Includes two push buttons for controlling the battery and galvanometer
  • Accuracy: Series and ratio coils adjusted to an accuracy of better than 0.05%, providing an overall accuracy of better than ±0.1%


  • Robust construction ensures durability
  • Long service life for extended usage
  • Excellent performance in resistance measurement and fault detection
  • Sturdy design for reliable operation
  • Excellent quality materials for accurate results
  • Highly durable for sustained use in laboratory environments

The Portable Wheatstone Bridge is a reliable and versatile instrument with precise resistance measurements and efficient fault location capabilities. Its portable nature, robust construction, and excellent performance make it an indispensable tool in physics laboratories and various other applications.