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SCR Characteristics Apparatus

The SCR Characteristics Apparatus is equipped with two DC Regulated Power Supplies and three round meters for voltage and current measurement. The SCR 2P4M is mounted behind the panel, and its connections for Supplies, Meters, and SCR are brought out at 4mm Sockets. The power supplies have the following specifications: 0-30VDC/30mA and 0-1.2VDC/30mA.

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What is SCR Characteristics:

An SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier) is an electronic component that allows current to flow in one direction only. The way it works is that a small amount of current is used to control a much larger amount of current. There are certain properties of an SCR that determine how it operates. These properties are called “SCR characteristics.”

One of these characteristics is called the “forward voltage drop.” This refers to the amount of voltage required to turn on the SCR so that current can flow. Another characteristic is called the “holding current.” This is the minimum amount of current that is needed to keep the SCR turned on once it has been turned on.

A third characteristic is called the “latching current.” This is the minimum amount of current needed to turn on the SCR and keep it turned on, even if the current that triggered it is removed. Finally, there is the “switching time.” This is the amount of time it takes for the SCR to turn on or off in response to a change in the amount of current that is used to control it.


The objective of this experiment is to plot the characteristics of anode current versus anode-cathode voltage, as well as the gate characteristics for both open and connected gates.

Specifications of SCR Characteristics Apparatus:

  • It has an inbuilt variable DC-regulated power supply with an output voltage range of 0-30V DC.
  • The setup includes on-board analog moving coil meters that can measure both voltage and current.
  • The voltmeter has a dual range of 0-1.2V/0-30V, while the ammeter has a dual range of 0-200uA DC and 0-1.2mA/0-30mA.An SCR of 2P4M will be used for the experiment.
  • The entire setup will be enclosed in a lightweight and shock-proof plastic cabinet.
  • A bakelite front panel will have the symbol diagram printed on it, and all the significant test points will be brought out on the front panel for easy access.

Power Requirement:

The experiment requires a power supply of 230 VAC at 10% and 50Hz.