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Digital Zener Diode Apparatus

• Two Digital meters for Observations of Voltage & Current
• One Regulated Power supply of 0-20V/200mA with Coarse Knob
• Zener Diodes placed inside the cabinet for forward & reverse
• Operating Manual & Connecting Leads provided with this Apparatus

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What is Zener diode?

A Zener diode is a specialized type of diode that is designed to operate in the reverse-biased breakdown region. Unlike regular diodes, which are designed to block current flow in the reverse direction, Zener diodes are designed to conduct current in the reverse direction when a certain voltage level is reached. This voltage level is known as the "Zener voltage" or "breakdown voltage".

Applications of Zener Diode

One of the most common applications of Zener diodes is voltage regulation. By placing a Zener diode in parallel with a load, you can maintain a constant voltage across the load, even if the input voltage varies. Zener diodes are also used in overvoltage protection circuits, as they can shunt excess voltage away from sensitive components.

Specification of our Zener Diode Apparatus

The Zener diode characteristics apparatus that you've created is designed to help students and electronics enthusiasts understand the characteristics of Zener diodes. The apparatus includes a 20V digital voltmeter, a digital 20mA ammeter, and a built-in power supply, as well as three Zener diodes of different voltages.

  • Includes a 20V digital Voltmeter and a digital 20mA Ammeter
  • Built-in power supply for convenience
  • Includes three Zener diodes of different voltages
  • Allows users to measure the Zener voltage of each diode
  • Can be used to study the voltage-current characteristics of Zener diodes
  • Can be used to demonstrate the use of Zener diodes in voltage regulation and overvoltage protection circuits
  • Ideal for students and electronics enthusiasts who want to learn more about Zener diodes and their applications

To use the product, users would first need to connect the appropriate leads to the Zener diode under test. They can then use the digital voltmeter to measure the voltage across the diode and the digital ammeter to measure the current flowing through the diode. By varying the input voltage and observing the changes in voltage and current, users can study the voltage-current characteristics of the diode and determine its Zener voltage.