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Analog Ohmmeter Series Type
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Transistor Characteristics Apparatus (Socket Type)

  • Includes four Analog meters 1V, 50mA/250uA, 50mA, 10V
  • Built-in Power supply
  • Common Emitter NPN and PNP Type
  • Leads and Manual Included
SKU: SAM-216

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What are Transistors?

It is a semiconductor device that is widely used in electronic circuits as an amplifier or a switch. Transistors come in different types, such as NPN and PNP, and can be used in different configurations, such as common base, common emitter, and common collector.

The Transistor Characteristics Apparatus that we have created is designed to help students and electronics enthusiasts understand the characteristics of transistors. The apparatus includes four analog meters for observations of voltage and current, two regulated power supplies of 0-1 V/250 uA and 0-10 V/15 mA, and Transistors NPN and PNP are placed inside the cabinet for doing the common base and common emitter practical.

Specifications of our Transistor Characteristics Apparatus

  • Includes four Analog meters for observing voltage and current
  • Two regulated power supplies of 0-1 V/50mA and 0-10 V/50 mA for convenience
  • Includes NPN and PNP transistors for doing the common base and common emitter practical
  • Can be used to study the voltage-current characteristics of transistors in different configurations
  • Ideal for students and electronics enthusiasts who want to learn more about transistors and their applications

Benefits of this Transistor Characteristics Apparatus

By studying the characteristics of transistors using your apparatus, students and electronics enthusiasts can gain a better understanding of how these devices work and how they can be used in electronic circuits.



Type NPN and PNP